The Weight We Share

In collaboration with the Mount Network for Community­ Engaged Research on War (NCERW), Dr. Maya Eichler (MSVU) and I developed an interactive performance work. We presented as part of 'The Talk' for the Prismatic Arts Festival 2016 located at the Halifax Central Library.


Dialogue on war creates discomfort but is essential to understanding the impact of war on local communities. Maya and I modeled how to engage in difficult dialogue on war and conflict while accepting the discomfort. This interactive performance encouraged the audience to engage in this dialogue on military conflict and experience with one another while it stimulated broader public debate on military deployments. The lines of disagreement created opportunities for the audience to question and try to make sense of their individual beliefs and political opinions. The performance was not meant to make the audience take a specific side, though it opened up space for dialogue and allowed people to listen to others with different perspectives and beliefs.


NCERW includes faculty and students across disciplines. Their interest lies in exploring what stories of war and peace are being told in our communities, which stories are visible and which stories are not being heard, and how war has impacted the diverse fabric of our Nova Scotia communities.

The Weight We Share (in collaboration with Dr. Maya Eichler), Performance Stills, 2016. 
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