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Jessica Lynn Wiebe

Jessica Lynn Wiebe draws from her lived military experience to create interdisciplinary work that centres on militarism, military life, and commemoration. This work is often gritty, in concept, materials, and approach. Wiebe’s work reveals the messiness and chaos that is war in hopes of encouraging dialogue on war and conflict. By listening to others' lived experiences we begin to know ourselves more deeply. Jessica was born and raised in Brandon, MB on Treaty 2 territory and currently practices in K’jipuktuk/Halifax, NS.

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Jessica Lynn Wiebe

Halifax, NS

(902) 220 4772

ORG_JLW03859 (1).jpg

Observation Post in Yavoriv Training Area, Ukraine: CAF oversees Ukrainian training exercise. December 2018. 

Lawrencetown -22.jpg

I am an interdisciplinary artist.. though I have always gravitated towards photography. I have carried a camera everywhere I go for as long as I can remember, always needing to document the subtle nuances of my environment and the people who are close to me. 


When I am not in the studio you can find me hiking, exploring, and swimming around Nova Scotia year round. You will also find me teaching yoga and kickboxing. I have chosen to share my art practice on my Website, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts while using my Instagram account as a place to share my outdoor adventures, cold water immersion, movement, environmental photography, and self portraiture. 


I have embedded my Instagram page below to share my world outside of my art practice!

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