Jessica Lynn Wiebe

Interdisciplinary artist Jessica Lynn Wiebe (she/her) is a former artillery soldier in the Canadian military whose body of work centres on reflections of militarism, military life, memory and commemoration. Her interdisciplinary approach investigates the mechanisms of war, including the complex politics around gender, economy, architecture of war, and the human condition. By engaging and challenging deeply-held beliefs and emotions about the military and war, her work generates dialogue among members of the public, government, and those who serve. Most recently, Wiebe’s focus on the human condition has been evolving as she develops work centred on the environment and the physical body through photography and video. Jessica was born and raised in Brandon, MB on Treaty 2 territory and currently practices in K’jipuktuk/Halifax, NS.

IG: @jessicalynnwiebe

Jessica Lynn Wiebe

Halifax, NS

(902) 220 4772