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To Make A Sniper Suit

Diving in to the history of camouflage I discovered surrealist artist Roland Penrose. He developed the Home Guard Manual of Camouflage in 1941. The booklet is a thorough analysis of the nature and application of camouflage. He described how camouflage can be applied by the British Home Guard in the event of an invasion of Britain by the German in WW2.


I made my own sniper suit based on his directions "To Make A Sniper Suit". Though, as in war and in pandemic, I had to make do with the materials I had at home. Instead of a 6ft x 10ft piece of hessian I used my 4ft x 6ft linen curtain. This material became very hard and stiff once the paint dried and was not effective for ease of movement nor was it long enough in the arms or along the bottom. I chose the Camouflage Design 2, suited to rocks, stone, earth, and sandbags (dark brown, warm grey or light earth, and white). I chose the rocky landscape around Peggy's Cove Nova Scotia to test the suit in. At the location, I rubbed dirt across the white sections because it was too bright. For the most part the camouflage suit blended into the landscape. 

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