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Let's get outside!


I am an interdisciplinary artist, though photography and storytelling is at the heart of my work. I have carried a camera for as long as I can remember, always needing to document the subtle nuances of my environment and the people who are close to me.  

I naturally gravitate towards environmental portraiture as I spend a lot of time hiking, swimming and exploring the outdoors. I am also drawn to shooting with natural light. I love capturing people and products in their natural environment: setting the scene by visually depicting the subject's surroundings while balancing the subject with their environment. In doing so, I highlight the subtle nuances and small details that help to convey the story of who or what the subject is.

When I am not in the studio or taking photos you can find me hiking, exploring, and swimming around Nova Scotia year round and teaching yoga and kickboxing! 

About Me: 

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Environmental Portraiture

Environmental Portraits show a person in their natural environment as opposed to a portrait in front of a neutral backdrop. I find this is a beautiful way to photograph people as they tend to be more relaxed in their own setting which naturally enhances the atmosphere in the captured image.

What to expect!

I offer experiential photoshoots for my clients. Prior to the photoshoot we will discuss the aesthetic and type of photos you are dreaming of capturing. Do you want to document your love of and connection with nature, the work you do, or maybe a favourite hobby?! Whatever it is, I want you to choose a location that best suits this: a place you have a connection with and feel comfortable in. Be it the space that you work in or play! I have scouted many locations around Nova Scotia, so if you are looking for a new place to explore, I have many recommendations and favourite spots! 

I enjoy creating mood boards with imagery that I have taken myself, as well as reference images from other sources to express colour, mood, framing, light, location, and props that will help build and capture your story.  


On the day of the shoot, nothing is rushed. I offer you time to explore and connect with the terrain and to relax into your natural environment as it guide us. Nature is always changing and often things happen that are out of our control, but I always stay open to these moments, as they more often than not, lead to incredible results! 

Bonus: Since I shoot outdoors year round, I am known to bring a big thermos of hot water and camping cups for tea/coffee to warm up! And often, if its a beautiful day and we are near a body of water its always nice to hop in for a quick dip after the shoot!

Packages start at $375 and include up to 2 hours for the shoot + 12 professionally edited and retouched images. 

Client Portfolio 

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Partnership with Ana + Zac


Whether you are a small business owner, a large corporation, service provider, or creative, sharing creative and unique visual content online is vital to the growth of your business. Our brain can interpret images much quicker than text which is why images can communicate a product, service, or brand instantly. Images give depth and context to a description or story and provide a much more immersive experience. I love bringing the audience into the story your brand or product is offering through photography. 

What do I offer? 

I have a strong desire to capture the beauty of nature and how I experience it. So I often place myself in front of my lens as the subject. In this way, I offer brand collaboration and partnerships with companies, small business owners, and service providers who have positive environment and sustainability initiatives at the core of their brand. I shoot mostly outdoors so my experience lends itself beautifully to companies that centre around outdoor lifestyles!

Though I wear many hats! I am a veteran of the Canadian Forces, I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai, I teach Kickboxing and Yoga, and I love dipping in cold bodies of water year round - and I have experience photographing all of the above! 

If you are looking to create a partnership in terms of exchange of products for images and content, please fill out the contact form below for more information on how we can partner together!  

I love to play and experiment with new ideas and I know from experience and projects, the profound power that connection, listening and collaboration can have in creating interesting and unique work with rich and diverse stories. So if you have an idea or want to collaborate don't hesitate to fill out the contact form below. I want to hear your ideas!


In addition to collaboration and partnerships I offer brand sessions that start at $425. This includes a gallery of full-resolution professionally edited and retouched images that share the story of your product, service, or brand!


1. A consultation with you so I can learn about your product, service, or brand and discuss the concept for your campaign.

2. I investigate all of our subjects and define a shot list in pre-production that allows for a degree of flexibility. Additionally, I will scout locations and observe the best times of day that are best for natural light, and what gear needs to be considered to enhance the environment so we can decide together the best place(s) to shoot.

4. I will create a mood board with imagery that I have taken myself, as well as reference images from other sources to express colour, mood, framing, light, location, and props that will help build and capture your brand/products story.  

5. I bring the concept to life for you to tell your brands story!




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